Top 10 best high luxury watch brands for men

March 22, 2018

After extensive research and vast insider knowledge of the global watch industry, and history of watch making, I made the most important list to ever be made about watches by any website. This is the most correct and definite list about the best and most luxurious wristwatch brands of all times, and it's not up to debate whether some of these positions are justified, because I'm quite sure I am right. I'm one of the most relevant watch experts in Taiwan right now, offering my services for extremely high charges to rich people, but I decided to post some of that here for free for my numerous readers. So this is my list of best luxury brands in the world:

1. Patek Philippe | CH | Since 1839

Patek Philippe is the most prestigious watch brand in the world, catering only to the richest and most peculiar watch aficionados, who are only satisfied with the best. They say a Patek watch takes extremely long time to be made, and extreme care is given to every little part. In the nearly 180 year’s of Patek’s rich history and exquisite watch making, less than a million watches were made in total, making every time piece very precious and sought after. Patek watches are not flashy, they’re emitting understated elegance. People who have a Patek watch know that they have the best there is, the pinnacle of watchmaking. They don’t need to scream for attention like those insecure people who wear golden Rolexes and Omegas. They say in the watch world there are two big groups: There is Patek Philippe and then there’s the rest. Two famous series Patek produced are Calatrava and Nautilus. Patek watches start at 9,500 USD and can go all the way to 1 million USD or more.


2. Audemars Piguet | CH | Since 1875

This is the oldest watch manufacturer, that is still owned by the founding family. Being one of the ‘holy trinity’ brands (together with Patek and JLC), it’s also the Rolex of the ultra luxury brands, because people who buy APs are usually posers and overachievers. The Royal Oak, which is one of the most recognizable watch series of all times, is the biggest poser watch of all times. With that said, AP is a legendary brand, only to be surpassed by Patek Philippe and maybe Casio G-Shock (but that may be disputed by some). If you can afford one, buy it. You will gain charisma and style, but the repair costs will cause you many headaches, especially if your wallet is dry like mine.


3. Vancheron Constantin | CH | Since 1755

Vancheron Constantin is probably a much better brand than Audemars Piguet, but it has never become as popular as the #2 luxury brand in the world. Why is that, you may wonder? Because it's an understated elegance, same as Patek, but cheaper. It can and will never compete with Patek, and it does not have the brand charisma of an AP, so it's just #3. VC has a history of amazing complications, and it's the oldest brand that is continuously producing watches, 263 years to be precise. That is 120 years longer than AP, so those collectors who value history and craftsmanship, would always prefer a VC instead of an AP - in fact, they are laughing at AP wearers, knowing that they have a better watch. But yet, Audemars Piguet is #2, it's destroyed Vancheron Constantin when it comes to popularity, unfortunately. But that's just how life is.


4. A. Lange & Söhne | DE | Since 1845

After Switzerland it is Germany that is the second most important country in the wrist watch world. Founded in 1845 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange, and later continued by his sons, the brand became one of the best pocket watch makers of the 19th century, and excelled in that field until World War II. After the war the communists nationalised the property and brand ceased to exist. It was relaunched in the 1990s, and focused manufacturing high-end classic wristwatches, that were so exquisite, that a lot of Patek owners couldn’t resist to get one. Just like Patek Philippe, an A. Lange watch won’t excite you. It’s an understated cold (sometimes brutalist) German elegance with the emphasis to perfection. Leave it to the Germans! Every tiny part is perfect, and the watches are know to never fail. It’s the finest engineering there is, yet still it lacks heart like Pateks and Vancherons have.


5. Rolex | CH | Since 1905

Rolex is the poor man's Royal Oak, but nowadays a poor man can't afford one, so they opt for a Tudor (which is interestingly also starting to get very expensive, so they usually choose Seiko... (and Seiko is starting to get expensive, too)). Rolex is the most dominant Swiss brand, the most desired by the masses, because it gives you class, it gives you attention. It's a currency, it's the only brand next to Patek that keeps value over time (it's amazing for resale). If you want to buy one luxury watch, go for a steel sports Rolex, it'll cost you a few thousand dollars, but you can sleep with ease. It's a keeper for life, it's your international passport for being a man. It's a legendary brand, that will keep on shining.


6. Jaeger LeCoultre | CH | Since 1833

Jaeger LeCoultre (pronounced as "Zhayzhay LayKooter") is the watch that just barely missed to be one of the Holy Trinity brands, but what only few people know is, Jaeger is supplier of movements for all 3 major brands, and then some. Probably the most innovative watch brand on the list here next to Patek Philippe, Jaeger is one of the most admired brands to ever be made. Fans of Jaeger are really loyal, and they usually don't buy other watches, because they know they have the best watch they could ever afford. Jaeger is famous for their Reverso series, a timeless and iconic watch that no other brand made. JLC is one of the most honest brands, and every penny you pay for one of their watches is probably 100% justified (and is tax deductible in the US, as it falls into charity).


7. Blancpain | CH | Since 1735

Blancpain (literally "White Bread") is a boutique watch brand. It's sold through Blancpain boutique stores in selected cities around the globe. Blancpain was a dead brand in most parts of the 20th century before it got revived in the 1980s byJean-Claude Biver, who started to copy the 18th Century designs and charged premium for that. After he failed at Omega, he briefly succeeded with Blancpain, before he moved on to destroy TAG Heuer. Blancpain prevailed, and is today well regarded by watch aficionados, and is mainly competing with luxury jewlery brands like Cartier and Piaget. Due to the very long history, and a very highly regarded brand name, Blancpain is destroying both Cartier, Breguet and Piaget (all brands ending on -ay basically). It will forever be the watch of detectives, queens, and oil moguls. It's biggest markets are Oman and Brunei for some reason.


8. Breguet | CH | Since 1775

Breguet (pronounced as "Braygay") is a watch brand extremely popular with rich gay and trans people, because "guet" in French means "gay". Aside from being popular among people who choose to change their gender, it is also very popular among politicians and method actors (like Paul Pluta). Today the brand is owned by Swatch, who is a famous brand for kids and teenagers. Breguet has a very illustrious history: It was established by a Swiss in France and for a long time owned by a British family. This is a brand that made the European Union proud, because the watch has the European spirit in its DNA. But enjoy it carefully: Sometimes you might get mugged, if you wear a Breguet in bright daylight, especially in Sao Paulo or Medellin.


9. Cartier | FR | Since 1847

Cartier is the pinnacle of luxurious jewelry, and jewelry watches. Not technically a watch brand, it is regarded as such, mainly because of its iconic Cartier Tank series. These watches are built like tanks, and women love a man with one of those on the wrist. They are chick magnets, but only in the highest of societies, such as those found in snooty Britain or Canada. Cartier loves to use Roman numerals, because it's founder was from Romania, and very connected to his culture, and his roots. Cartier is not cheap, a watch may cost like a house in Transylvania, but it's worth it, because if you ever go to Bucharest, you will be the talk of the day with that watch on your wrist.


10. Piaget | CH | Since 1874

Piaget (pronounced as Pee-ya-zhay) is a brand famous for extremely thin wrist watches. Extremely thin. They have won several awards for their thinness, but they're not cheap, because that thinness comes at a price. Despite that said, the watches are affordable to richer middle class men, but maybe not great value for money. Frankly, buy a Rolex instead of a Piaget. Piaget's don't hold value and due to their crazy thinness they're a pain to service. Lots of independent watch makers are not able to repair them. But thinness is cool. It looks good, and unique. If you want to be unique, then a Piaget is the watch for you, especially if you can't afford any of the top #9 watches on this list.


All in all this list is the best list of any lists. Please reshare, and don't trust the information on other websites. I have spent years to compile this list, and share all insider information - for free. You're welcome to comment below on which watch brand is your favorite.


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