The Next Web SJWs attack Computex booth babes

June 30, 2018

As my readers well know, I am a tech blogger, and usually don't write any social commentary, or about my personal life in Taiwan, but this time I have to go beyond that, because it hit home. Let me first highlight, that I came to Taiwan many years ago, and one of the main reasons was my thirst for adventure. When I reached my early twenties, I found my life in New England very boring, and decided to head out into the world. I traveled to several countries in South America and Asia, before I set foot in Taiwan and decided to stay. My Taiwanese girlfriend had a lot to do with that, and my background in IT enabled me a good job in a local tech company. I'm enjoying my life in Taipei for many years now, and I'm able to pursue my passion for photography, watches, tech, and traveling. While being so far away from home, I have a different perspective on the United States from your average Joe who lives there and never went abroad, and to be frank, my opinion is not really good (to put it politely). I'm very glad to be in Taiwan right now, and away from all the craziness of the extreme liberals and extreme right-wingers that seem to have taken over public life. They are both nuts in my opinion. Add your Trumps and Pelosis, your NRAs and SJWs, the crime and the gun violence, and you got yourself a toxic cocktail of madness, which I am extremely grateful to be far away from. I'm glad to live in a society that is relatively stable and balanced. We do have fringe groups here as well, no doubt, but far fewer than back in the United States. It's not even close.

American SJWs trying to interfere in Taiwan

The reason I am writing this post is that I came across an article in The Next Web today with the title Dear Computex, please ban companies from using ‘booth babes’. It was written by Georgina Ustik and Callum Booth, two writers that weren't known to me before. I have nothing personal against them, my criticism goes to what they wrote in their article, and I'll dive into a bigger issue from there. Before we go deeper, let me sum it up: The article condescending and also racist in my opinion.

Not having the basic clue

The biggest fail of the article is right at the beginning, where the author states:
So, answer us this: Why do your exhibitors’ stands overflow with barely dressed women? We expected to visit Computex Taipei to be filled with innovative products, groundbreaking startups, and lots of stuff put on the blockchain we didn’t know could be on it. Yet it was filled — and we mean to the rafters filled — with women dressed in teeny bikinis, revealing schoolgirl outfits, and everything in between.
He obviously has no clue about what Computex is. Computex is and always was about booth babes. It's the very essence of Computex, it's what makes it unique, and what makes it interesting, what ensures visitors to Taiwan. Tech exhibitions where new tech is announced are dead long time ago (look at the CES or CEBIT). Most global brands hold their own events to announce their biggest products of the year (like Apple or Samsung). There are exceptions here and there (like ASUS this year), but the trend is generally going in this direction. I've been to Computex many many years, as a visitor and as an employee, I'm speaking from personal experience. Booth babes attract attention, if you take that away as well, Computex will die, too.

This is the problem with many SJWs - they often talk about an issue without having proper knowledge. Or they are just ignorant and lying to make their point. Whatever the reason was here I don't know, but it must be either of them.

Protecting the imaginary victim

One thing that I hate the most about SJWs is their self-proclaimed mission on protecting their imaginary victims. This part in the article highlights that:
The practice of using these ‘booth babes’ to market products has become a rare(r) sight at tech conferences and shows over the past decade, which makes the abundance at your event even more galling. With two editors/writers from TNW attending Computex this year (one female and one male), we got them to write about their view of the issue, which you can find below. It’s also important to note that we didn’t include any photos of the women in question in this article. We have no desire to shame them for doing a job, objectify them further, and don’t feel we need prove our point that this practice is really, really shitty.
The practice of having less booth babes at tech exhibitions might be true in the US and in the West, but it's still common in Asia. And that's perfectly OK! I really hate this American mentality of going abroad and telling other nations and societies what is right and wrong. It's not only condescending, it's also racist. These two writers for The Next Web, two white Americans, think it's ok to come to Taiwan for just a few days and judge certain Taiwanese girls without even talking to them, without spending any effort to understand why this is the way it is in Taiwan. Guess what, this is part of modern culture here, and a lot of these girls are models outside Computex. Many are popular online influencers and TV personalities - and they are doing this by choice. Computex is just a platform for them to be seen, and taken photos of. You want to deny them all this, because you think they are victimized? Because you think that your Silicon Valley views have to be applied everywhere in the world? How arrogant. Different cultures, different norms - accept it.

And by the way, The Next Web, you're shaming these girls by not posting any images, or by making such a derogatory banner where you portray these girls like objects:

This is definitely not how Taiwanese booth babes see themselves.

Call for a ban - going too far!

I'm ok, if tech writers state their opinions on an issue, but not only does The Next Web article go to great lengths to shame the girls and distort the facts, they're also trying to shame Taiwanese companies who employ them, and calling for a ban. How is this different from the the old colonial mindset of "civilizing the savages"? I'm sorry, but it just rubs me the wrong way. It just goes too far in my opinion. What's next? Banning fashion models because they're promoting clothes? How about we ban The Next Web writers from entering Taiwan next year? I would certainly not oppose, if their Computex 2019 visas were rejected. I really don't care anymore what social justice warriors are doing back in the States, I've given up all hope for my home country, but don't come to Taiwan and tell us what we should or should not do! There are discussions about booth babes in Taiwan as well, with people on both sides of the issue, but ultimately - let us settle our own affairs our way. And yes, I already feel more Taiwanese than American on this issue.

Happy booth babes

Enjoy some images of happy Taiwanese booth babes. This girls are enjoying their job. SJWs want everybody to be miserable like them.

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More booth babes photos


  1. Wrote about it on my FB too, just haven't decided to publish it as an article just yet.

    Basically you're correct. :)

  2. You're right about the sjw craziness, but the comment on so called "gun violence" and "NRA" is really just a sheer of ignorance. I enjoy your blogs and have been a viewer for slightly over a year now. My comment isn't going to be condescending or snarly, but rather to just clear stuff up.

    First of all, the NRA thing is a non-issue. The NRA is a tiny organisation funded almost solely by their members and selling merch. It doesn't even make it into the top diners, any given superpac and lobbyist group basically shadows them in terms of the cash they pump into elections.

    I'll be frank here. The NRA is attacked because it's composed primarily of white conservatives. This should be telling, since it's coming from an Asian like myself. Any organisation that's even remotely right ring gets slandered. The NRA is moderately right wing, they are libertarian types, not "far right". (I'm far right, the NRA is no where close to being far anything).

    Then comes to the so called gun violence. If normalised for gang violence and illegal firearms, the USA is as violent as Norway and Sweden. Mass shootings are a problem, 95% of them could have been easily prevented. If the stupid coppers will actually do their damn jobs! They are paid by citizens and yet they don't do their jobs. Lefties love to say police the police, I actually agree. Each recent mass shooting came from people who are on the radar. They have been reported to the police, which didn't give a damn at all, because let's face it, they don't have our safety in mind. The police in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea are simply superior on many quantum levels.

    Then comes to crime itself, you're a stat geek like I am. I took stats in university and really looked into this, which instantly pulled me out of this SJW Dianne Feinstein mentality. All the stats I can find and all the analysis I can do came to a common conclusion: gun violence isn't a thing when normalised. In fact, states with more guns have a lower rate of violent crime, but obviously a higher rate of suicide via a firearm. This however is always included maliciously in the statistics, we both understand that it shouldn't, I'm sure. States with stricter gun laws are the ones riddled with violent crimes. I'm not calling for either more lenient gun laws or the typical libertarian "Gib rocket propelled grenade launchers to everybody!" If a county doesn't want guns, fine. Just don't interfere with the ones that do and are proud of it (Texas! Alaska! Florida!).

    Back the article though, I'm mainland Chinese; parents met and married at a local church here in Australia. I'm quite up to date with the politics of China and Taiwan. It really seems that mainland China is far more nationalist than Taiwan, lots of SJW tier craze in China gets called out, mocked, ridiculed, and slammed, rightfully. I sincerely hope it is the same for Taiwan. I see the Taiwanese as brothers, they should be allowed a country without interference from the tyrants in Beijing. I honestly hope this will happen one day, but then looking at the mentality of netizens, I don't want them faced with similar issues that Europe is facing right now. My solution to all this is basically conversation, much like your excellent blog post.

    Anyway, cheers! Asians are very unapologetic about these things, we just don't care what the westerner 白左 thinks of us. These SJWs can just shove it. They really are a plague, anything that bows to them turns into utter trash.

  3. I've got more to add.
    You simply cannot reason with unreasonable.

    You state rightfully and factually that these Taiwanese booth girls are there by choice. The typical SJW response would be "that's due to a cis male patriarchy that forces them to conform to gender roles" and "you can't use the word racist because you're a white straight male, racism is prejudice plus power" freaking blah blah. It really is crazy here in the West. My race gets assumes all the time due to my right wing leanings. I went as far as to post me holding my passport with a name tag and my obviously Asian hands - nope, not good. Just… I really gave up at that point.

    The ones that do acknowledge my race goes to state "you're trying to be white, lots of Asians are wannabe whites" which is just ludicrous! Do these people have self awareness?

    I don't care that much about politics anymore. I get myself busy with photography, learning math and playing with stats. All this politics stuff turned me into a hateful and cynical person. I understand my politics, I am far right by any metric, but I am very nice in person, this stuff was creeping into my real life, which is why I put a stop to it. I deleted all my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and have been happier ever since.


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