Elago P2 Stand for iPad impressions

May 12, 2016

Elago P2 Stand for iPad

Image source. Enlarge image.
This iPad stand caught my eyes. It's called Elago P2 Stand, I spotted it at Syntrend, one of Taipei's latest and very exciting shopping malls. Since I'm in the process of buying a new iPad Pro 9.7", I'm also eying a stand, and this one is very elegant and looks like it's of great quality. It turns the iPad into a mini iMac, and with the combo of the Magic Keyboard 2, it seems like a match made in heaven. The only issue is the price: It costs 1620 NTD, which equals to 50 USD, however if you check Amazon, you can snag one for 25-30 USD. I guess I have to check some other places in Taipei, Syntrend is usually more expensive than the rest. Another good thing about this stand are the various colors that you can choose to match the color of your iPad. Since I'm opting for the silver iPad Pro, this image shows more or less how the combo will look like - pretty nice, if you ask me.