Sony mirrorless still can't compete with Nikon DSLR in weather sealing

March 26, 2018

Despite Sony being praised as the greatest thing since sliced bread by some amateurs, there's still one aspect of photography where Sony falls massively short in comparison with Nikon: Weather sealing. Not only did Sony recently lose several tests related to weather sealing, there are also not many Sony lenses to choose from, if you're into extreme weather wildlife photography like Morten Hilmer, a Danish photographer and vlogger, who brought his Nikon D5 into the Danish forest in a blizzard (see photos and video below), and the camera held up very well. Sony's Alpha system is still incomplete and notorious for having bad build quality, and often fail when taken to some extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold (several photographers have shared that on Youtube).

The Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 completely covered in snow.

You can't enjoy winter photography like that with a Sony.

Morten Hilmer shows why Nikon is still leader in photography.

Check his "Behind the scenes in the Danish woodlands" video.

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