Two Youtube camera reviews: One is real, the other one sounds like a Sony advertisement

March 23, 2018

It's really interesting how vast and how complex the Youtube photography gear review community is. Every day I discover something new, and today I came across a new channel named Fenchel & Janisch, who is run by a German videographer. The quality of that channel is amazing, actually stunning. So are some of the videos they are producing with the gear they review (currently the Fuji X-H1). On the other hand there is Tony Northrup, a Youtuber who was brought to Las Vegas by Sony to "review" the new Sony A7III, an overpriced consumer camera, which he has touted as the camera that will "revolutionize wedding and portrait photography". He also claimed in a separate video, that Sony has double the image quality of the as well newly launched Fuji X-H1. Watch both "review" videos, and then judge for yourself who is a more credible source of buying decision. The difference is obvious: One is real, the other one sounds like an advertisement.

Tony Northrup's "review" of the Sony A7III
Fenchel & Janisch's review of the Fuji X-H1.

The lesson here is: Beware of false prophets on Youtube! Most top Youtube photography channels in terms of subscribers and views are good at marketing themselves, but bad at photography, however there are still a plenty exceptions in smaller channels, such as Fenchel & Janisch, as well as others like Thomas Heaton, Mark Smith, and Steve Perry.

Learn why you shouldn't trust "photography" channels like Tony Northrup>>

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  1. The Sony A7III is 2k. The same price as the GH5 or EM1 MII . Sony invites a lot of people to those events. Tony does not accept endorsements from companies of the gear they review rather from Audible or Squarespace. Tony really liked the A7 III, for good reason and its under priced. I like Mr. Angry as well but they both give their opinions, not facts, opinions.


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