G-Shock MUDMASTER GG-1000RG-1A review

July 28, 2018

The G-Shock MUDMASTER GG-1000RG-1A is a Rose Gold version of the Two Sensor Mudmaster series, or the so called better value for money Mudmaster (see my comparison with the more expensive triple-sensor GWG-1000 series). The watch retails 10,500 NTD in Taiwan (around 350 USD), but I got mine with discount, it cost me 8800 NTD, which is roughly 290 USD. I'm very satisfied with this watch. It has a lot of features, maybe more than I need. I never use the compass for example, same is true for the temperature, which I feel it's not so reliable. I basically just use world time, because it's very useful during my travels (I'm on a plane every month, and work in several time zones). The features I miss with this watch is Tough Solar and Multi Band 6, but I can still accept that Casio decided to remove this to enable a lower price point.

The front dial.

Side view.

On the wrist.

Another wrist shot.

The band is awesome.

A portrait.

The MUDMASTER GG-1000RG-1A is a true G-Shock, that offers a great build quality, which makes it an awesome beater watch, but it also looks stylish and can be used in various formal and casual settings. When I was buying this watch, I checked all Mudmasters and tried them out, but I opted for this rose gold version, because it looked the best in real - it's the perfect mix of style and toughness. I have this watch nearly a year now (the images were made when it was new), and it still looks great, has no scratches, and runs well without any issues. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

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