CASIO G-Shock MUDMASTER comparison: GWG-1000 vs. GG-1000

September 24, 2017

The MUDMASTER is a sub-series of Casio G-Shock watches that falls under the umbrella of the Master of G Collection (other current sub-series in this collection are called Gulfmaster, and Gravitymaster, as well as the older Mudman, Frogman, Gulfman, Rangeman, and Riseman). Within MUDMASTER there are again two sub-series, the more expensive and premium GWG-1000 watches that come with a triple sensor, and the cheaper and less fancy GG-1000 watches that come with a dual sensor.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus carrier prices in Taiwan

September 18, 2017

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus will be available in Taiwan for sale on September 22nd, 2017, that is 4 days from now. The carrier prices have just been published in the Taiwanese media, and I have made a brief overview of these prices on the following 5 carriers (listed from the largest to the smallest): Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far East One, Taiwan Star, and Asia Pacific Telecom. I will analyze who offers the best deal in a separate post.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

List of Top 100 photography Youtube channels of 2017

May 21, 2017

As previously often stated, I'm a big fan of Youtube, and I love photography, so you know that I am subscribed to a lot of channels who's main goal is gear reviews and photography tips. In fact, I'm following several such channels since early 2015, that is over 2 years now, so I do have some knowledge about which channels are popular, and what they're all about. This post is the second edition of the list, I have published the first one in December 2016. Let us see how much has the situation changed in a little bit less than half a year. Read on, and see the list of 2017.

List of G-Shock square watches

April 15, 2017

The GW5035A-1, launched in Sep 2017.

No doubt Casio had a winner when they created the "Gravitational Shock" watch in 1983. The long name was soon changed to "G-Shock", and the rest is history. Designed by the Japanese engineer Kikuo Ibe, his goal was to "have a 10-year battery life, be water resistant to 10 bar, and survive a 10m fall onto a hard surface." That's how the DW-5000C was born in the early 1980s, and officially launched in April 1983. Today G-Shocks are a huge fashion icon, and popular all over the world. In this post I want to focus on the history of the so called "squares", which as the name implies, come with the square classic design that started it all.

CASIO G-Shock G-5600E-1DR review

March 5, 2017


The CASIO G-Shock G-5600E-1DR is my latest timepiece acquisition, and I'm pretty impressed with it. I was never into G-Shocks, but I've recently fell in love with the squares, and decided to get my first one. I was heavily researching G-Shock squares before making my buying decision, and I chose this one, because it's the only Tough Solar model without Multi Band 6, which I felt was nothing that I really need and pay more for it. However I wanted the solar charging, so this was the best choice for me. I bought it via PC Home, it cost me 3060 NTD (around 99 USD). It's not the cheapest square, but also not the most expensive (they can go up to 300 USD), for me it was a nice sweet spot. Check out my pictures and read about my impressions and experience below:

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter review

February 4, 2017

So I bought the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter from Apple together with the latest MacBook Pro "13-inch (no TouchBar), mainly because I needed an USB-C to HDMI adapter, which is required for my work. I'm doing a lot of presentations and need it to connect to projectors. Retailing at 1690 NTD (USD 49), this adapter certainly wasn't cheap. With that said, it did come with another USB-A and USB-C port, effectively giving me 3 different I/O ports, and thus adding additional value. There are other pure USB-C to HDMI adapters from third party brands, but I opted for Apple's own product, because I know their quality control is one of the best in the industry (I know that from friends in the Taiwanese supply chain). Since I bought an expensive laptop, I'm not going to save money on USB-C adapters. There were stories about bad quality USB-C cables causing issues with products, and that's definitely something I want to prevent.