New iPad Pro 9.7" had scratches, so I returned it

May 15, 2016

I was so excited to finally get my new iPad Pro 9.7" yesterday. I arrived home late from work, and the package was waiting for me already. I ordered it online two days ago and it was here. Those who read this blog know, that it was a month long anticipation. But since it was late, I decided to unbox it the next day. So today in the morning was the time to do it. This is my third iPad, and arguably the best ever made, so I was pretty excited. I set everything up for a little unboxing video in my room, and started to unwrap the box. I've unboxed like 7 iOs devices in the past, and it was always a pleasure to see how they slowly slip out of the box, but this one just would not go out. It was odd. I had to really tug on it to get the top part of the box off. Something didn't feel right. When I finally unwrapped the iPad and checked the front and the back, I spotted scratches! In total it was 6 of them! I was very disappointed, especially because of the recent problems of aluminium chipping on my iPhone 6s Plus. Seriously, am I just unlucky, or did Apple's quality drop? As a big Apple fan, I'm very disappointed. This was the most expensive tablet I've ever bought, I got the 256 GB version, that costs nearly 1000 USD!

There are 3 scratches on the side here.

This scratch is shallower, but larger.

Hard to see from here, but there's a white dot on top.

The thing is, I purposely ordered the silver one, despite gold being my favorite color, because I worried that the golden one may chip like my iPhone 6s Plus. And then I got the silver one with the same issue! I'm really starting to lose confidence in Apple. I'm going to order one more time, but if the next one is also full of scratches, Apple's gonna lose a loyal iPad customer, that's for sure.